What type of lubricants are there?

What type of lubricants are there?

Sex Lubricants are used to eliminate the vagina dryness and increase the pleasure in the lovemaking. There are three types of lubricant that you can use:

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Water based lubricant

It is a most common type of lubricant and feels like natural lubrication. Water-based lubes are safer to use in all type of sexual act, oral sex, intercourse, etc. This lubricant is water soluble, so easy to remove after intercourse. It can wash away quickly from the clothes or sheets.

Silicone based Lubricant

Silicon lubes is for more slipperiness. It is long lasting than a water based lubricant. Silicon lubricant is insoluble in water. Couples may use it in a shower, bathtub means in underwater sex. It allows skin feel soft and smooth. The silicone-based lubricant is not suitable to use with silicone made sex toys.

Oil based Lubricant

Oil lubricant is not suitable for sexual intercourse. It can damage the latex in condoms. Baby oil, petroleum jelly, body lotion, etc are included in oil-based lubricant. The oil-based lubricant is great for masturbation, massages and playing with any sex toy. It allows smooth and enough lubrication in the latex free act. Anal lubricants are also often oil type.

Differences in usage depending on the type

Differences in usage depending on the type

If you want to feel the most natural and lasts the longest sex, use lubricant. Lubricant makes sex better with smoothening the sexual intercourse.To start up sex, couples love to explore their love on partner's body. Foreplay is key for better sex. You can use Oil based Lubricant, to pleasure and put pressure on a partner. Sexual massages make him/her erotic. Stimulate the partner with the correct oil-based lubricant.

Now, for sexual intercourse. You may use water-based lubricant because it washes off easily. Water-based lubricant gives vagina lubrication to penetrate without any pain. Water lubes are the first choice of couples for sexual intercourse. The silicone-based lubricant is suitable for vaginal sex as well as anal sex. There are also cream type and gel type etc. in addition, and it is divided according to the use So pleasure their anus, you can go with silicone based lubricant. This lubricant can stay for long and that's the anus want.

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