What is a lubricant?

What is a lubricant?

Lubricant is a liquid or semi liquid gel that can be used as lubrication in the sexual intercourse with partner. Personal Lubricant makes sex more smooth and comfortable while penetrating. During arousal, women get automatically secrete the natural lubrication and get wet. It make women ready to accept the penis in vagina. But sometime some women, feel dryness due to insufficient amount of lubrication. That time women or couples prefer to use lubricant.

Lubricant is as safe as natural women lubrication. Sex Lubricant reduce the friction resistance and irritation that occur in the sex intercourse. Lubricant eliminate the discomfort and pain of penetration and allow smooth penetration. Women use lubricant on vulva, vagina or anal area. Personal Lubricant can be used in intercourse or stimulation the clitoris, nipples, neck means massaging in the foreplay. Lubricant enhance the sexual excitement by providing the enough lubrication.

There are various type of lubricant in the market

There are various type of lubricant in the market

There are various types of lubricant in India. Here are some of them. Each has its own characteristics, vaginal lubricant, anal, for the body.

Water based Lubricant

This is common type of lubricant. It can be wash off with water. Water based Lubricant is inexpensive as compare to any other type of lubricant.

Silicone Based Lubricant

Silicone lubes is water insoluble. It stay for longer. It is long lasting lubricant and has high viscosity, so can be used in vaginal play as well as in anal play.

Oil Based Lubricant

Sex lubricant oil based lubes mostly used and recommended for foreplay, body massage. It is not suitable for sexual intercourse with the condom. It increase the chances of condom breakages. In return, it may increase the chances of unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted infection (STIs).

How about in Hindi?

Lubricant is term as "Chikna karne wala pradharth" in Hindi. However, the use is still same. It can be used in sexual intercourse or solo masturbation. Couples use slippery substances for better sex by reducing the friction between the vagina or anal and the penis. Lubricant is made by glycerin. It is safe for body but sometimes leads to inflammation and yeast infections.

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