How to buy lube online

How to buy lube online

You can buy lubricant from different online stores. You have to check the ratings and reviews about the lubricant before buy, then choose one which is the best for you. You have to also know that if you are going to use sex toy then what kind of lubricant good for your sex toy. If you are penetrate with your partner then what kind of sex lubricant compatible for you and your condom also. In any case, if you are not able to decide which kind of lubricant best for you then you can get help from sex lube guide. You can buy personal lubricants online with full privacy.

Types of sex lube online

Types and usage of anal lube?

There are different types of lubricants available on online stores so you can purchase easily from there with privacy. So the lubricants are-

Water based lubricants – The most common type of lubricant is water based lube. But you have to re-apply this lubricant in between penetration because it absorb by the skin. You also can’t use in watery place like bathroom, bath tubs and swimming pools. KY-jelly is best water based lubricant.

Silicone based lubricant – Silicone based lubricants are thick in texture. This lubricant is last longer and you can also use in the bathrooms, shower and swimming pools. You can use silicone based lubricant with all sex toys except silicone made toys. It will destroy your silicone sex toy. This lubricant provides moisture in your skin. After use you can see your skin more soft and smooth.

Oil based lubricant - Oil based lubricant is also last longer and it will provide extra protection to your skin. It is supper slippery and not suitable with condom. Such lubricant are highly used in body massage.

If you are going to do anal sex then apply anal lubricant don’t use vaginal lubricant for that. They both are made for different purposes.

Why buy lube online is recommended, benefits

Why buy lube online is recommended, benefits

If you are buying a lubricant from online then you can get full privacy, it is completely confidential. The online payment options are also good. You can pay cash on delivery (cod), or you can pay via card and net banking.

You can see all kinds of lubricant in different verities and colors, shape and sizes available in online stores at good price. Besides those three types of lubricant you can also go though natural lubricants, flavored lubricants and sex lotions or sex oil, massage gel etc. from online.

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